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00614035The Yorktown Republican Town Committee has a long and storied history of electing Republican candidates in the beautiful northern Westchester town of Yorktown, New York. Each year, the Committee sponsors its annual John Hand Dinner which helps raise money for our local candidates and to spread the Republican message.

The district leaders meet monthly to discuss Republican ideals and hear from elected officials. They also walk annual petitions to put Republican candidates on the ballot, conduct door-to-door canvassing and phone banking operations on behalf of Republican candidates, as well as attend community events and host neighborhood block parties and meet and greets to spread the Republican message.

The Committee is comprised of district leaders from each of Yorktown’s forty-three election districts. The executive board is elected from among the district leaders. An executive committee, who are also district leaders, is appointed by the Committee Chair and helps develop the party platform; screen and endorse candidates for local, county and state office; lead voter registration and membership drives; and engage the district leaders in grassroots activism to elect Republican candidates.

The current executive board of the Yorktown Republican Town Committee is comprised of:

  • Chairman Matthew J. Slater
  • Secretary Marianne Violante
  • Treasurer Jeanmarie Klaus

The Executive Committee includes:

  • Kevin┬áByrnes
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Tony Tripodi

The District Leaders are:

  • Gary Ajello
  • Brian Amico
  • Charles Arnold
  • Chris Arnold
  • Helen Arnold
  • Greg Bernard
  • Nick Bizzarro
  • Ross Campbell
  • Mary Capoccia
  • Larry Cassidy
  • Patricia Cerbone
  • Hon. Thomas Diana
  • Donna Diana
  • Sergio Esposito
  • Raymond Franklin
  • Anthony Fusco
  • Debbie Gerace
  • William Gerstenzang
  • Hon. Michael Grace
  • Anthony Grasso
  • Jennie Menton Grasso
  • Daniel Harrison
  • Arthur Haviland
  • Gil Kaufmann
  • Ann Kaufmann
  • John Kincart
  • Elaine Kincart
  • Edward Lachterman
  • Carol Lachterman
  • Dorothea C Lascalla
  • William P Lascalla
  • Jenna Lennox
  • Daryl Lindholm
  • Serafina Mastro
  • Louis Mastro
  • Martin McGannon
  • Theresa McKenzie
  • Thomas Menton
  • Jacqueline Menton-Grasso
  • Hon. Terrence Murphy
  • Caroline Murphy
  • Deneyse Murphy
  • Sean Murphy
  • Erin Murphy
  • Patrick Murphy
  • James O’Sullivan
  • Hon. Dave Paganelli
  • Nancy Paganelli
  • Rose Marie Panio
  • Rocco Panio
  • Rob Puff
  • Edwina Rance
  • Georgann Raniolo
  • Ashley Raniolo
  • Gary Raniolo II
  • Judy Reardon-Patten
  • Jeanne Riedel
  • Charles Rubenstein
  • George Ryder
  • Andrew Ryder
  • Geri Schwalb
  • Chris Sciarra
  • Jamie Scuderi
  • Kathy Slater
  • Kellie Slater
  • Ashley Sloan
  • Darrell Sokol
  • Michael Staib
  • Barbara Stanley
  • Michael Traina
  • Ana Tvert
  • Robert Violante
  • Joe Visconti
  • Elinor Vogel
  • Lynette Waterhouse
  • Robert Waterhouse
  • Edward Zebzda


Our At-Large members include:

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