Every Bit Helps: Pines Bridge Memorial Unveil Set Thanks to State Senate Grant

YORKTOWN, NY – After nearly a decade of effort by local historians, Yorktown’s Pines Bridge Memorial Plaza and Walkway will be officially unveiled this weekend.  This marks the 238th anniversary of the battle of Pines Bridge which took place on May 15, 1787.  Funding for the project came from all over including a $50,000 State and Municipal Grant secured by the office of former State Senator Terrence Murphy.

Matt Slater, candidate for Yorktown Supervisor and former Chief of Staff for Senator Murphy praised the community effort to preserve the significance of the Revolutionary Battle.  “People often forget how rich our region is with history dating back to the Revolutionary War.  The efforts by the Yorktown Historical Society, and in particular Michael Kahn, will make sure future generations know about the Rhode Island Regiment and the important role our town played during our fight for independence.”  

Historians often highlight the Rhode Island Regiment because it integrated European, African and Native American soldiers nearly two hundred years before the United States Army officially took similar action.  The regiment was led by Colonel Christopher Greene who lost two men while defending the Croton Reservoir against the British at the Pines Bridge crossing.

Former State Senator Terrence Murphy added, “I am proud to have been able to support this important memorial during my time in the State Senate.  During a time when history seems to have taken a back seat in our culture it is refreshing to be a part of a community that embraces its history and protects it for future generations to learn from.”

Under the Grace Administration the Pines Bridge Memorial received two installments from the Town of Yorktown totaling $167,500.  Originally to be displayed at Downing Park, the monument and subsequent plaza was relocated to Railroad Park in the Heights Hamlet.

Yorktown Councilman Tom Diana added, “As a lifelong resident of Yorktown I thrilled to see this important historical memorial and plaza be completed.  All good things come to those who wait and I thank everyone who helped pitch in to make this a reality.”

Yorktown Councilman Ed Lachterman stated, “I am proud to have been part of a town board who not only recognized, but took action, to promote the historical significance of Yorktown.  All of the hardwork that went into this has finally paid off.”

Commemorative bricks will remain on sale to raise funds for the memorial and be installed annually at similar events to commemorate the Battle at Pines Bridge.

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