Chairman Matt Slater Comments On Lawsuit Brought By Town Clerk Diana Quast

YORKTOWN, NY – Another day and another politically motivated lawsuit initiated by a Democratic official. This time Town Clerk Diana Quast has launched a bizarre lawsuit against the Westchester County Board of Elections, Supervisor Michael Grace, each member of the town board and Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli in an effort to stop construction which would make Town Hall ADA compliant.

The lawsuit, brought by failed Democratic Yorktown Justice Candidate Richard Abbate on behalf of the Town Clerk, would halt ongoing construction in order to keep Town Hall, where the Clerk’s Office is located, a polling place in November’s election. Chairman Matt Slater said:

“This is just another politically motivated lawsuit that will only put more hurdles in front of voters with disabilities to keep them from participating in November’s election. The real question voters should be asking is what is the real reason Ms. Quast is suing everyone under the sun to keep a polling place located next to her office open?

“The fish rots from the head. Just like her mentor Susan Siegel, Ms. Quast has no shame in scoring political points; even if it means disenfranchising voters.”


Kevin is a retired Detective Sergeant with the New York City Police Department, having served honorably for more than twenty five years, and currently works in Lakeland High School as a monitor. Kevin is happily married and is the proud father of four children, three of which have attended or are currently attending Lakeland Schools.