Astorino Endorses The Team Moving Yorktown Forward

YORKTOWN, NY – For eight years Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has held the line on taxes, created thousands of jobs and improved efficiencies of county services. On Monday, the County Executive urged Yorktown voters to support the team moving Yorktown forward who have been critical partners on the local level by holding the line on Yorktown’s taxes, reducing the town’s long term debt by 30% and delivering job creating projects like Lowe’s.

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino said, “The Team Moving Yorktown Forward, led by Supervisor Michael Grace, have the right understanding of both government and the private sector that Yorktown can count on. Together, we will continue to hold the line on taxes and make Yorktown proud!”

Under the Grace Administration, Yorktown’s financial health has been seen as a model for municipalities across New York State. In an audit report released in June, the Town was applauded for growing the general fund balance by 52.94%, cutting budgeted expenses by $2.4 million all while funding major improvements and investments. Over the past five years, the fund balance has actually grown by more than 200% with Grace at the helm and taxes have remained flat over the same amount of time.

Yorktown Supervisor Michael Grace said, “Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino’s no nonsense approach to tackling Westchester’s tax madness is a model for all executives to follow. Together, we have held the line on taxes for Yorktown’s residents, cut through the red tape for important economic development projects and made the right investments in our infrastructure and law enforcement. I am honored to be running with County Executive Astorino and look forward to our continued work together.”

Yorktown Councilman Greg Bernard said, “Having the support of County Executive Astorino validates all of the good work we have done for Yorktown. In addition to the financial health of our town, we supported the County Executive’s veto of dangerous legislation that would have made Westchester County a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. Working together, we will continue to focus on common sense measures that will improve the quality of life for all members of our community.”

Rob Puff, candidate for Yorktown Council said, “County Executive Astorino’s support is incredibly humbling. County Executive Astorino and our entire team share the same values and vision for our community. I am truly excited at the thought of working with him to keep our town moving forward.”

Yorktown Justice Sal Lagonia said, “I was first elected in 2009 along with the County Executive. His work and record continues to impress. Having his support once again means a lot.”

Yorktown Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli said, “I am very grateful for this endorsement. County Executive Astornio understands government at all levels and knows what it takes to succeed.”


Kevin is a retired Detective Sergeant with the New York City Police Department, having served honorably for more than twenty five years, and currently works in Lakeland High School as a monitor. Kevin is happily married and is the proud father of four children, three of which have attended or are currently attending Lakeland Schools.